Wholesale Dawn Street Sunset Scenery Diy Painting By Numbers Adults Canvas Oil Paint 1141605


Not Framed, Not Free Shipping. 

If buyer need frame, the international Express Shipping freight By Air will increase very much ! 

Wholesale Business Only.

We ship from CHINA , Sell To ALL OVER WORLD.

Canvas Size Not Framed

Paint by numbers is a very relaxing and exciting Oil painting art , for adults, and for kids.

You can be an artist easily by putting color on canvas according the code on paint can and canvas.

following is the instruction photo.

how to paint by numbers

After you finish the paint, you can put it into nice frame that you can buy in your local frame shop. or ask some frame maker to choose matching color to fit your room decoration locally. 


1. one canvas 

2. color pack 

3. pens.

4. instruciton paper.

We do wholesale business only , not for order one piece. The minium order quanity of custom photo is 30pcs.welcome contact us .

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